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Tournament Format

This is a skill/age tournament.

This tournament will be all round-robin with a shootout of the top THREE or FOUR teams (to be determined by time/number of players within the event) for gold, silver, & bronze medals (for a non-pool event). Winning teams are determined by:

  • Round-robin win/loss record
  • If two teams tied, head-to-head with those teams involved
  • If three or more teams tied, total point differential will determined the winner.
  • Playoff game if necessary

If an event has 8 or more teams, the event may be divided into two pools with the top two teams from each pool taking part within the shootout. The top team from Pool 1 will play second team from Pool 2 and the top team from Pool 2 will play second team from Pool 1. The winning teams will play each other for gold/silver. Losing teams will play each other for bronze.

Brackets may be combined or split as needed.